Maker Faire allows Us to show the things we make


Impeller Project

jet ski partsJohn used the Makerbot 3d scanner to produce a model of the impeller and then using the Makerbot fifth generation 3d printer made the new part.  The rest of the parts were modeled in Open SCAD and 3d printed, assembled and tested on a small scale to ensure that the newly configured impeller would work as desired. The working 1:1/4 scale model is on display as well as a dissembled model to show how the pieces fit together.

Wind Thing

Rwb wind thingSteve saw a sculpture and thought that he could make something similar.  The result was that using Open SCAD he made a model that moves with the wind.  The hubs of the blades have a skate bearing housed inside and all of the main parts are 3d printed. The wind thing is a possible yard art project for us in the future. We are displaying 3 different versions of the wind thing the large one, a smaller desk top one and the helmet version that John likes to wear.

USB Model Engine

Two Engines2We modeled and Engine to house a USB drive. Steve took an existing model from thingiverse, fixed all of the non manifold problems in Blender. The engine model was then broken into the primary components, the block, the air cleaner, oil pan, valve covers, intake manifold and exhaust headers. The model was printed in parts assembled and then painted to give it a chrome look.

Belt Clip Mold

mold model
John took a napkin sketch and made the belt clip. The belt clip prototype is designed to be injection molded. The part and the two piece mold are all 3d printed parts. Using the 3d printed prototype we are able to quickly check the fit of the mold and the part. Since we own an injection molding machine, we are very interested in the prospect of printing parts to be cast in aluminum for possible use as molds.

Fun with LED finger lights

At a birthday party these finger light were handed out in grab bags and John thought to himself what could we 3d print to utilize these lights. Using a CAD program several designs were made to use the lights as display pieces. The great thing about 3d printing is we can try out our ideas by having actual parts less than an hour after the design is finished.



Key Chain Tags

One of the neat things about 3d printing is the ability to make unique one of a kind things that aren’t available in stores. John owns a RS Camaro and wanted a custom made key chain so he designed his own. Our company logo is an anvil so he designed and printed the anvil shaped key chains.



On thingiverse there is a basic model of an arc reactor. We took this model and made our own version; 3 circuit boards were designed by Steve and wired by John to power the LED lights. The lights are sequenced by a mini arduino using custom code for this application.


Smoking Dragon

On thingiverse there is a model of a singing dragon, we took this model and modified it to hold a bottle cap humidifier and the result is a dragon that smokes


UPS signal light

We have needed to let the ups guy know when to stop by, so we designed a system that can see from the street. We already had the LED traffic style lights, the box was CNC cut out of plywood at the Tampa Hackerspace on a ShopBot. By using a raspberry pi that is connected to relays makes its own wireless network and we can change the light by setting an order for pick up at our shop. At the Maker Farie we made the light work by opening a smart phones browser and you change the color of the light.


Prototype 3d Printer

The prototype printer has a CNC cut box and uses 3d printed parts. It has a unique configuration which will allow the printer to print out in front of the columns holding the extruder. The printed is a work in progress and still in the design phase.


CNC Router

The router is mounted on a delta frame and will use the same g code that runs the Kossel delta 3d printer. The final version will probably hold a smaller rotary tool such as a Dremel.

CNC Router

Remote Control Your TV with you phone

This is an example of how you can use a Raspberry pi and a web server to control almost anything in your house, we choose to remote control a TV. The concept is to use usb inferred transmitters hooked to the raspberry pi and running through a web server. You can use a smart phone or tablet to log on to the pi and change the input for the TV.

Puddle Simulation

Various 3d prints

Little People, including a 3d scan of John, a miniature John Hancock building with flashing LED’s, roses, Tampa Hackerspace coasters, two desktop holders for smart phone, an additional cup holder for a Camaro that mounts on the emergency brake lever, desktop business card holder that has John’s name on it and holds 3 pens, we wanted to enclose our Kossel printer so we printed custom braces that hold the enclosure together, the display signs for our booth are also held together with custom made 3d printed parts.

Little People (1024x768)

John Hancodk on desk2


Kossel Customization

Notice all of the custom modification that we have made to our Kossel delta printer. We designed and 3d printed brackets to hold the filament roll, the guide tube that the filament travels in, and a bracket for the fan that keep our extruder cool. We added a fan to the servo motor that drives the filament. And we added a poly ether imide plastic bed to the printer to give the great adhesion between the printed plastic and the bed.